EXTRUSION DE POLÍMEROS S.A. is a corporation dedicated to polymeric fibers extrusion, and their transformation into Concrete Fibers, Ropes, Strands, Mooring Ropes, Longlines, Fishing Nets, focusing its application in four sectors of activity: construction, fishing , agriculture and industry.

Founded in 1980, our company has expanded, developing a continuous innovation and technification process, with the objective of satisfy the market needs, offering the highest quality and commitment to its customers, becoming a reference organization in its sector, standing out as leaders of our industry.

Developing a continuous innovation and technification process

Our growth over the years has been linked to an environment respect and conservation policy, which including among others, waste treatment and recycling plans, or the installation of a photovoltaic solar park that complains 10.000 m2 of the 25.000 m2 that have our facilities.

Nowadays, thanks to our commercial structure and distribution channels, our products are internationally well known and demanded, being mainly commercialized  in Europe, Africa, Middle East and America.